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Tracking 2,486 players (+46 new players last 24h) with 56,994 kills (+568 last 24h) and 4,580 headshots (8.04%) on 1 servers
Server Load Graph
 Server  Address  Map  Played  Players  Kills  Headshots  HS:K
tf16 LOOS US | 2Fort | Fast Resp (Join) ctf_2fort 11:07:45 0/32 56,994 4,580 0.0804
Server Load Graph
 #  Player  Kills  Hs  HS:K  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
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  Daily Awards (Wednesday 31 May)

Absolutely Stunning PhilippinesTwinned Milled (49 stuns)
Afterlives Brightened    No Award Winner
Amputator    No Award Winner
Armed Robbery    No Award Winner
Assistance MexicoMonoPendejo (20 kill assists)
Atoms Split MexicoMonoPendejo (5 Atomizer kills)
Axe-O-Mania United statesjoe_schmoe_2007 (1 axe kills)
Axtinguisher United statesWhiteBoy WonderBread (1 kills with the axtinguisher)
Baby Face    No Award Winner
Backburner United statesStone_ferret246 (5 burned backs)
Backstabber United statesI.N.G.S.I (5 backstabs)
Bargins Earned Polandchrupiące_małe_ogry (1 Bazaar Bargain kills)
Baseball freak MexicoPato_Platino24 (1 bat kills)
Batter Up!    No Award Winner
Best Latency    No Award Winner
Bisons Blasted    No Award Winner
Blades of Glory    No Award Winner
Blocker    No Award Winner
Blutsauger PhilippinesTwinned Milled (5 times sucked blood)
Bob the Builder    No Award Winner
Bolts Blown    No Award Winner
Boom Sticka United statesKillerBee (3 Caber BOOM kills)
Boots Quaked MexicoMonoPendejo (53 Original kills)
Boston Basher Unknown CountryCronch™ (1 Boston Basher kills)
Brass Beast Russia-=MuLeR=- (3 Brass Beast kills)
Broken Back Belgiumgametram (2 razorbacks broken (sniper))
Busts Busted Unknown CountryCronch™ (5 Solemn Vow kills)
Caber's Clubbed    No Award Winner
Canes Cracked    No Award Winner
Capturer    No Award Winner
Cement Shoes Dispensed    No Award Winner
Circuits Shorted    No Award Winner
Claidheamohmor United statesGrognak (7 Claidheamohmor kills)
Clawed Candyasses Unknown CountryUltrasans (1 Warrior's Spirit kills)
Cleaning Time    No Award Winner
Cold as ice United statesI.N.G.S.I (4 Spy-cicle kills)
Come on ride THE PAIN TRAIN    No Award Winner
Convenient Radiation MexicoMonoPendejo (4 Pomson 6000 kills)
Cows Mangled    No Award Winner
Creamed Spainshadowken07 (7 Mad Milk hits)
Dalokohs is delicious!    No Award Winner
Dangerous Crab United statestecetc (2 spy taunt kills)
Deaths Enforced United statesThe Unhelpful engineer (1 Enforcer kills)
Defender of the Flag MexicoMonoPendejo (13 flag defenses)
Deflected Arrow    No Award Winner
Deflected Flare    No Award Winner
Deflected Grenade    No Award Winner
Deflected Sticky    No Award Winner
Degreased United statesI.N.G.S.I (7 kills with The Degreaser)
Demolition Man SwedenRobin (46 pipe bomb kills)
Despite all my rage there's a Guitar on your head    No Award Winner
Detonations Served    No Award Winner
Diplomatic Immunity MexicoPato_Platino24 (3 kills with the Ambassador)
Disciplined to Death PolandMedic after drugs (1 Disciplinary Action kills)
Dispenser Here!    No Award Winner
Doctor Assited Suicide    No Award Winner
Dominator MexicoMonoPendejo (17 dominations)
Don't Beg United statesMinecraft (3 Beggar's Bazooka kills)
Don't Run, Its Just Steak    No Award Winner
Douser PolandMedic after drugs (4 extinguishes with Jarate)
Down Under United statesKillerBee (2 kills with The Sydney Sleeper)
Drunken Demoman MexicoMonoPendejo (15 bottle kills)
Engineer MexicoMonoPendejo (8 sentry kills)
Engineer Extinguish    No Award Winner
Engineer on Rage PhilippinesTwinned Milled (3 wrench kills)
Eureka! MexicoMonoPendejo (5 Eureka Effect kills)
Fans Made    No Award Winner
Fast and Furious MexicoMonoPendejo (23 scattergun kills)
Fire Flight United statesGrognak (1 kills with the Flaming Huntsman)
Fisting king United statesBing (3 fistings)
Flare Gun United statesI.N.G.S.I (2 flare gun kills)
Flattened    No Award Winner
Fly Ball Ecuadorspy crab (1 kills with the Baseball)
Fragments Fragged    No Award Winner
Free Candy    No Award Winner
Fried Egg United statesGrognak (12 kills with the Frying Pan)
Full Speed Ahead    No Award Winner
Garden Graves Dug MexicoMonoPendejo (10 Market Gardener kills)
George Bushwacka    No Award Winner
Get behind me doctor!    No Award Winner
Give It a Little Blow CanadaBingus Vladimir Pingas (1 extinguishes with Flamethrower)
Good-bye Cruel Worlds AustraliaMemelord(F2P) (1 Soldier taunt kills)
Goombas Stomped    No Award Winner
Got something for ya!    No Award Winner
Grave Digger    No Award Winner
Hadouken Argentinamatiasjosezabala08 (3 kills with Hadouken)
Hale No    No Award Winner
Hallelujah!    No Award Winner
Hands Shook United statesn/a (2 Scottish Handshake kills)
Headache United statesGrognak (51 headshots)
Heavy surgery    No Award Winner
Hole in One    No Award Winner
Homewreckin Unknown CountryUltrasans (1 kills with The Homewrecker)
Horseless Headless Horseman's Headtaker    No Award Winner
Hungry Hungry Heavy    No Award Winner
In and Out    No Award Winner
In Soviet Russia Iron Curtain Owns You    No Award Winner
It goes on and on... PolandMedic after drugs (4 kills with Your Eternal Reward)
It's Little and Cute and Ben's Sister Likes It Unknown CountryBob page (5 Mini Sentry Gun kills)
It's Urgent    No Award Winner
Jag'd Off PhilippinesTwinned Milled (1 Jag kills)
Juice Loosener    No Award Winner
Justified Kills United stateszevghost (5 kills with the Frontier Justice)
King of vengence SwedenRobin (9 revenges)
Lives Liberated United statesButterDog (3 Liberty Launcher kills)
Loch-n-Load'd United statesGrognak (17 Loch-n-Load kills)
Lookin Good United stateszevghost (16 Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol kills)
Lucky Duck    No Award Winner
Mail's Here Unknown CountryUltrasans (1 Postal Pummeler kills)
Making Heat    No Award Winner
Medic Assistance United statesYour Friendly Plague Doctor (4 medic assists)
Medic Extinguish PolandMedic after drugs (1 extinguishes with Heal Gun)
Melted Men    No Award Winner
Men Mauled    No Award Winner
Milk - does a body good MexicoMonoPendejo (1 extinguishes with Mad Milk)
Mini Bob the Builder Unknown CountryBob page (21 mini sentry guns built)
Mixed ya right up! Argentinamatiasjosezabala08 (1 Engineer taunt kills (Gunslinger))
Mmm, Ham Ecuadorspy crab (1 stolen Sandviches)
Most Bonus Points United statesGrognak (363 bonus points)
Most dominated SwedenRobin (12 times dominated)
Most Kills MexicoMonoPendejo (171 kills)
Most Valuable Player    No Award Winner
My Fists They Are Made Of Steel!    No Award Winner
Nataschas Friend PhilippinesTwinned Milled (6 Natascha kills)
NO METAL FOR YOU! MexicoMonoPendejo (6 dispensers destroyed)
Not even winded    No Award Winner
Now that's a knife    No Award Winner
Oktoberfest!    No Award Winner
On the Rebound CanadaBingus Vladimir Pingas (2 kills with deflected rocket)
One to beam up! United statesMinecraft (4 players Teleported)
One, Two, Punch!    No Award Winner
Ooooh burn! AustraliaMemelord(F2P) (5 Third Degree kills)
Patients Overdosed    No Award Winner
Persons Persuaded    No Award Winner
Phlogged Ecuadorspy crab (3 Phlogistinator kills)
Pistol United stateszevghost (17 pistol kills)
POW! Ha Ha United statesBing (2 kills with heavy taunt)
Powerjacking    No Award Winner
Problems Solved United statesGrognak (3 Machina kills)
Proceed to android hell    No Award Winner
Prospectors Piercings United statesMinecraft (27 kills with the Equalizer)
Pumpkin Bomber    No Award Winner
Pyro CanadaCheby Ben niba (3 flame burnings)
Quivering Fool United statesGrognak (71 kills with the Huntsman)
Rakes Wrecked    No Award Winner
Ranged MexicoMonoPendejo (2 kills with the L'Etranger)
Razor Breakin United statesChronic Wasting Disease (2 razorbacks broken)
Reflected Burn    No Award Winner
Reflected Detonation    No Award Winner
Remote Demolition Man SwedenRobin (15 pipe bomb kills)
Reservations Made    No Award Winner
Robin Hood United statesGrognak (2 sniper taunt kills)
Rootin Tootin Shootin Ecuadorspy crab (10 Buffs deployed)
Rune Slices Served    No Award Winner
Rustlers Wrangled    No Award Winner
Samurai Swipes United statesButterDog (16 Half-Zatoichi kills)
Sap This! Polandchrupiące_małe_ogry (5 sappers removed)
Save A Cow, Eat mor Chikin    No Award Winner
Say no to mini sentries United statesGrognak (8 mini sentry guns destroyed)
Say no to sentries United stateszevghost (10 sentry guns destroyed)
Scorcher    No Award Winner
Scotsman's Skullcutter CanadaJohnny Bravo (11 kills with The Scotsman's Skullcutter)
Scout Pistol MexicoMonoPendejo (3 pistol kills)
Shahaha UR Dead CanadaJohnny Bravo (2 Shahanshah kills)
Shotgun Polandchrupiące_małe_ogry (3 shotgun kills)
Shotgun Heavy United stateskeister78 (1 shotgun kills)
Shotgun Pyro United statesjoe_schmoe_2007 (3 shotgun kills)
Shotgun Soldier Argentinamatiasjosezabala08 (9 shotgun kills)
Signed Petitioners United stateszevghost (27 Conscientious Objector kills)
Skill Rockets United statesjoe_schmoe_2007 (5 kills with the Direct Hit)
Skill Stickies United statesWhereAmI (1 kills with the Scottish Resistance)
Slings Slung Unknown CountryUltrasans (2 kills with the Gunslinger)
Soldier Unknown CountryCronch™ (39 rocket kills)
Something's Fishy    No Award Winner
Souls Evicted    No Award Winner
Souls Popped MexicoMonoPendejo (2 Soda Popper kills)
Souls Rattled    No Award Winner
Southern This!    No Award Winner
Spikes Implanted    No Award Winner
Stabber Ecuadorspy crab (5 knifings)
Stopping Short    No Award Winner
Submachine gun PhilippinesTwinned Milled (2 smg kills)
Suckers Stuck MexicoMonoPendejo (4 Big Earner kills)
Super Sapper    No Award Winner
Sword Swallowers Ecuadorspy crab (1 Demoman taunt kills)
Swords a Slicing United statesArchdrop (7 kills with the Eyelander)
Take a walk! United statesGrognak (5 teleporters killed)
Take your Vita-Saws    No Award Winner
Terminator CanadaJohnny Bravo (7 minigun kills)
The Gift of Punch United statesn/a (2 Holiday Punch kills)
The Great Escape Ecuadorspy crab (1 The Escape Plan kills)
The Injector Russia-=MuLeR=- (1 syringe kills)
The Mad Capper MexicoMonoPendejo (6 flag captures)
The Rainman    No Award Winner
The Saw    No Award Winner
The Tribalman's Shiv PhilippinesTwinned Milled (1 kills with The Tribalman's Shiv)
Tomis Tapped United statesjoe_schmoe_2007 (9 Tomislav kills)
Top Sniper United statesButterDog (8 snipings)
Ubermedic United statesbogos binted (2 deployed charges)
Ubersaw United statesYour Friendly Plague Doctor (1 kills with ubersaw)
Urine' For A Surprise Spainshadowken07 (20 jarates)
Warriors Winged    No Award Winner
Wayne United statesElon Musk, September 16th 2023 (9 revolver kills)
We've got a bleeder Russia-=MuLeR=- (2 bleed kills)
What's in the box? Ecuadorspy crab (25 kills with The Black Box)
Who wants some of this? MexicoMonoPendejo (17 kills with the Force-A-Nature)
Widows Made Unknown CountryBob page (33 Widowmaker kills)
Wrapping Machine    No Award Winner
Yellow Bellied Spies United statesYour Friendly Plague Doctor (9 victims jarated)

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